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What do you know about air export in the U.S., please explain?

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They handle everything coming in and out of Seattle, mostly dealing with fragile or sensitive material that cannot be shipped via truck or rail. Things like medical equipment or electronics etc. They partner w/ various airlines by purchasing storage space below the plane.

Very detailed questions about your past work experience. I had to explain exact work procedures, how I structured my work and which skills I have earned are gonna be useful for the job.

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Standard Interview questions that are found on glassdoor.

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Tell me about yourself and your past work experience.

Tell me about a time when you had to work through a difference of opinion with your supervisor. What was the issue, outcome, and what would you do differently next time.

Tell me all the people that caused problems at past jobs with theit names.

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What type of customer service background did I have? How would I deal with difficult customers? Knowledge of technology suites

Describe what you have done at your previous job.

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