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If you were to witness and attend to a major injury, what would be your first action?

1 Answer

Make sure victim is in a surrounding enviroment that is safe and secure. Access the injury and make a rational decision on how urgent the situation is and attend to it. There is more to the answer but becuase I answered the question with confidence and with no hesitation, I believe she felt that carried into my character.

Name a time working in the tower where you saw a potential conflict. How did you solve it?

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Why do you want to join the military?

1 Answer

No difficult questions were asked.

1 Answer

Have you ever been charged or convicted of a crime?

1 Answer

The actual interview isn't difficult nor is it really as important as passing the AT-SAT exam and making the hiring list. It's more of a formality.

Have you smoked marijuana?

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Why do you want to be an air traffic controller?

1 Answer

Were not unexpected questions. I had some thirty plus years in the field when hired. Had to leave when I lost my medical.

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