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What would you do if you had plans to meet a friend after work and the person relieving you was running late and you have a flight battling some bad weather.

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Prioritize: the flight comes first. Once your relief arrives, fill him in on the situation staying as long as possible until he or she gets the picture, then tell your friend you may have to reschedule.

The first thing is a verbal comprehension and math comprehension test, read "math word test", my least favorite. Both are online with which I have a hard time. I must have not read the math questions correctly and/or was not clear on the answer they were looking for because I got released from the interview immediately.

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Willingness to relocate?

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Look at this chart and tell me where the STAR begins.

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How would you handle a system malfunction?

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Mostly standard HR questions like tell me about yourself, and why should we hire you. Then several job specific technical questions like what is the 1-2-3 rule or what are icing conditions.

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Why do you want to work for American airlines where do you see yourself in 2 years

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How many categories of MELs are there and what are their time limits? Can any of them be extended?

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What is a low time (high mins) captain, and how do their minimums change?

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What is the minimum number of days off a Dispatcher can have in a seven day period?

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