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Describe a time you had to deal with a unproductive emplyee

1 Answer

I asked the employee to meet me and we sat down and talked about his performance and asked how he saw his performance, employee said he was getting jobs below his level of experience and was bored. Suggested talking to his lead and to me when he found bored and in need of a higher experience level job assignment. I set him up with a timeline to work with his lead and as the timeline went by I checked on the employees progress with him and his lead. The productivity improved as the employee got jobs that challenged him/her and then sat one more time to let the employee know that he was doing well and that he should expect his productivity to be at this level along with him working with his lead to get jobs with higher level of experience.

The spatial relations exam was difficult you have to really think.

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All questions asked are designed with the TEAMWORK theory in mind and how you communicate your plan, your needs and your expectations.

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Why do I want to join the Air Force

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Maintaining standards that seem to be enforced only when they needed a move.

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criminal record

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Why would you want to work for this airline?

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Joining the military is a unique process, as such there weren't really any questions asked as much as there was a very extensive background check.

What can we do to help this company with all of the skills that I have listed in my resume

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