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Aircraft Maintenance Technician Interview Questions


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The spatial relations exam was difficult you have to really think.

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I just had an interview with delta yesterday. I was wondering when they wil contact me for if I m hired or not. Did they discuss your pay at the interview or hours you ll be working? Because they didnt ask me thos questions. They just said theyll call me.

Maintaining standards that seem to be enforced only when they needed a move.

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Why would you want to work for this airline?

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What can we do to help this company with all of the skills that I have listed in my resume

Typical HR questions...what would you do...what if's

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What are the difference between these 2 hydraulic fittings?

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There were quite a few questions asked. Examples... Name a time when your integrity could have been compromised, how and why. Name a time when a coworker needed help and did and how did you help them. Name a time when you went above and beyond to help a customer. Name your greatest achievement and why did you choose that answer. If you saw something that a coworker was doing and you knew it was wrong would you confront them and or let management know about the situation.

What is a splice and the symbology of it on a drawing?

What are the amps of the circuit breaker on the drawing?

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