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Tell me about a time when you had to object to a policy that did not effect you or your work group, but you spoke up anyway.

1 Answer

I really struggled with this one due to I had rehearsed all of my tell me about a time you dealt with a "difficult customer-co-worker" type questions.

Can you tell me about JetBlue?

1 Answer

What can you bring to Jetblue. what is the most difficult scenario you have overcome in the work place.

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Please describe a situation that you would normally take to a supervisor or manager, but handled yourself. Please describe how you handled the situation, and what the outcome was.

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A passenger mis-connects on a flight. She packed her meds in her checked luggage. She is traveling with 4 other passengers, and they all want to sit together. She needs to get to a wedding today. Please describe that you understand the scenario.

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Do you think people are responsible for their actions or are sitations responsible?

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Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision, What was the outcome of your choices, and What did you learn from it?

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Name a time you went above and beyond

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1.Tell me about a time when your co worker was slacking and what did you do? 2. Your superstar customer service moment? 3. Fact about Jetblue and one thing that sticks out to you about the company? 4. Why Jetblue? 5. Are you flexible? 6. One thing you like/dislike about your current/previous job? My advice is to prepare many customer service questions because they may not even ask you exactly what I wrote above. Make sure you learn about the company and that's something that worked in my favor. Be genuine, dress the part, smile, and make friends with the other people who are getting interviewed.

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