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Ajax Interview Questions

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Browsers running javascript is single threaded, how can we make AJAX calls in the backgroung?

2 Answers

We can use Javascript to make AJAX call in the background. Ex:For Chating ,we need to update the content of chat after every one or three sec so we call the javascript function once and then we use javascript inbuild function Settimeout() which call ajax in the background.

JavaScript is single threaded, but AJAX is *asynchronous* (by default), so it runs in a background. If we need another thread, we can use web workers.

Suppose I had a listbox that populated a state and another listbox that populated a city. How would I get the first listbox to populate the second without a server request? We are looking for the use of a particular technology here.

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Google Maps allows you to zoom in and out of satellite maps, with terabytes of data accessible via a very fast interface. How would you go about implementing this functionality?

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How can you make a forum on a youtube video page dynamically update posts made by other people

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Why would you use XML over JSON when using ajax.

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Design a webpage which can auto post new posts when you reach the bottom of the page by using javascript. So you may use AJAX and some javascript event listeners. But, they do not require you remember the functions names, it will be great as long as you can describe your thought and design.

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