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Choose a data structure to store the extracted words and their positions in a sentence and then bring the sentence back using any language you like. Writing code on paper.

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Keep it in a dictionary (python) or a hashmap (java) > TO bring sentence back 1) find the max location in the dictionary. Size of entire string = location + size of the word 2) Create new char array new_blank_array[Size of entire string] 3) traverse the dictionary and place the words as per their respective place. Complexity : O(n)

Realistic job preview allocation assignment

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Where else have you applied or interviewed?

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What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you in this position?

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They might ask you if you know who their off price competitors are.

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Define chaos.

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The case study asked you to allocate mens shirts based on previous sales.

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Name a time when you had to use analytical skills in your previous job.

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VP was direct and as me how much I wanted? Specific amount

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Why TJX? What does an allocation analyst do? How does your experience made you qualified for this position?

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