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1. You have a team of 30, they get 2x 15 min breaks a day, 2 people can't work the floor each day, each person processes 150 units and hour. how many units processed in 1 week

6 Answers

You can use pen and paper/calculator to solve

685,020 units per week.

How many hours does each person work in a week?

You have 30 team members working 8 hour shifts, 5 days per week. 2 team members need to be non producing Your direct rate is 150 hours There are two 15 minute breaks per day How many units will your team produce in a 40 hour week?

4 Answers

There are two employees who carpool to work: one works for another manager, and one works for you.They are half an hour late one day. On their next paycheck, the employee working for the other manager gets paid for half an hour more than the employee who works for you. Your employee asks you why the other employee was paid and they were not.

3 Answers

How would you approach another manager whose employee was able to get time reimbursed for being late (against company policy) while one of your employees wasn't reimbursed?

2 Answers

tell me about yourself

2 Answers

Tell me about a time you improved a process?

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Math flow question that is on here. 30 employees, 28 producing, how much can they produce in a week question

1 Answer

When is it ever acceptable to violate a rule or regulation?

1 Answer

What is your leadership style?

1 Answer

Tell me bout a time you made a change to a process? What was the current process? What changes did you make? What was the outcome of those changes/

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