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inner join and outer join definitions. and normalization

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How to grep phone numbers in Unix directory. The files are spread across the directory tree.

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Signed NDA, format is very similar to those already in glassdoor. If you study those questions, you will have a good idea of their expectations of their candidates. I recommend brushing up on OOP concepts and practice XP development processes.

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1. What is the Central Limit Theorem? 2. If X is a Random Variable distributed with mean u_x, Variance s^2_x and Y is an independent Random Variable distributed with mean u_y, variance s^2_y. Define Z as X*Y, what is the expected value of Z? what is an approximation of the variance of Z? 3. In SAS, how would you define a macro that accepts one parameter that is a dataset name and prints the first 10 observations from that dataset? 4. How would you define the revenue per 1000 impressions (rpm) of a certain ad as $1.50. Let the cost per 1000 impressions (cpm) of that ad be variable but define the volume (impressions) = 100000*cpm^2 Define the profit per 1000 impression as rpm – cpm?

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Why is polymorphism useful in OOP

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None, all easy.

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Don't remember, this was a long time ago. Maybe some random trivia about how paths are evaluated on Windows versus linux (from left to right or right to left).

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In SQL, describe the different types of joins. Asked to solve a SQL query General questions about Python

Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.

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