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Analytical reasoning Interview Questions

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You have 25 horses, what is the minimum number of races you can find the top 3. In one race you can race 5 horses, and you don't have a timer.

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I don't know, but Google it, you'll find the answer. Once you know it, it's obvious.


Probably 8. First answer: at least 5 (you have to look at every horse). Second answer: 11. You can race five horses, replace 4th and 5th place horse by two horses from pool of horses that haven't raced, and continue doing this until all horses have raced. Since there are 25 horses, you need 1 race for the first five horses and 10 to go through the remaining 20. Third answer: 8. Round 1 (5 heats) : Race horses in heats of five. Eliminate all 4th and 5th place horses. (15 horses left) Round 2 (1 heat): Race winning horses from every heat. Eliminate 2nd and third place horses that lost to horses in round 2 that came third or worse. (7 horses left). Round 3 (1 heat): Pick any five horses. Race them. Eliminate bottom two and replace with remaining two horses. (5 horses left) Round 4 (1 heat): Eliminate bottom two. Note: after round 2 it may be possible to use some interesting decision tree mechanism to determine the three fastest horses using fewer horses per heat but you still need two heats to do that. This problem assumes horses don't get tired, no ties are possible and a horse's speed is deterministic race after race after race. Good assumptions for brain teasers, but not for real life.

Given a fleet of 50 trucks, each with a full fuel tank and a range of 100 miles, how far can you deliver a payload? You can transfer the payload from truck to truck, and you can transfer fuel from truck to truck. Extend your answer for n trucks.

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You have a genealogy: 1) Describe a data structure to represent it. 2) Given any two people within the genealogy, describe an algorithm to determine if they share a common ancestor. You just need to return true/false, not all ancestors.

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At a movie theater, the manager announces that they will give a free ticket to the first person in line whose birthday is the same as someone who has already bought a ticket. You have the option of getting in line at any time. Assuming that you don't know anyone else's birthday, that birthdays are distributed randomly throughout the year, etc., what position in line gives you the greatest chance of being the first duplicate birthday?

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You are in a game of Russian Roulette with a revolver that has 3 bullets placed in three consecutive chambers. The cylinder of the gun will be spun once at the beginning of the game. Then, the gun will be passed between two players until it fires. Would you prefer to go first or second?

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Why does a curveball pitch in baseball curve?

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What would you do if you were faced with a problem that you could not solve.

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How many people are in Logan Airport at 9am on a Monday morning?

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If you had 2 6-sided dice, what's the probability you get a 7?

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Four people, (A, B, C, and D) need to get across a river, and there is only one boat. The boat can only hold two people at a time and will only go as fast as the slowest person in the boat. If it takes A one minute to cross, B two minutes, C five minutes, and D seven minutes, what is the shortest time for all 4 people to cross the river?

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