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concepts of Java/OOP - Inheritance, Static, Threading, etc.

Situation when you made a mistake and how did you corrected that.

1. I was asked about sampling designs. Data may be too large to fit into a model, so what's an appropriate sampling design? (More conceptual, less theoretical) 2. I was asked about data integrity and validation. Data cleaning, detecting anomalies, etc. 3. How would you handle missing data? What are some common statistical data imputation techniques? 4. How would you detect outliers? What is an influential outlier? 5. I was asked about model/variable selection process. 6. I was asked about technical skills: Python, Perl, C++, Unix 7. Why do you want to work at FICO?

Situation when your team member was falling behind in his/her work and how did you help them cope with it

Many problem solving questions were asked, one example is what is the probability to get heads at least once when flipping a coin 10 times?

Mostly questions related to data science as well as behavioral questions.

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