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10 coin machines, one of them is distributing special coins of a different theoretical weight relative to the other 9 machines. You have a scale and can only perform one weighing. How do you find out which machine is spitting out the special coins?

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There are three boxes. One is labeled apples, another oranges, and the third apples & oranges. Each box is mislabeled. You are allowed to reach into one of the boxes only and pull a fruit. How do you determine what the proper labels should be?

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eBay reduces the commission from sellers. The Average Selling Price goes up. Why?

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the usual STAR format stuff

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Given 4 people who each take different times to cross a bridge (10 mins, 5mins, 2mins and 1 min), what's the least amount of time taken to cross the bridge if only 2 can cross at a time and a flashlight is needed for each trip across.

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How would you handle a difficult client who has unrealistic expectations? What if this cilent wants you to meet a deadline that is simply not possible?

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1. What areas or factors would you investigate for Enova to enter X country market?

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None. Just the resume walk through for the phone interview.

Nothing too difficult analytically; for non-business background applicants, brush up on some simple industry and sales/marketing terms and calculations

Initial case question that I had to go through with one of the consultants--involving a number of analysis questions with a fair degree of math (they provide you with a calculator) to be considered on the spot. Know how the numbers they give you relate to the questions they ask you, and be able to sift out unnecessary details.

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