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What would you previous boss say about you/

3 Answers

Prepare 2 or 3 answers and depending on your judgement or where your conversation is going give an answer.

Don't be too critical or too smooth either - personally choose a couple of traits of yours' you would like to hightlight (which you had'nt had a chance to sxpress before in the interview) and explain them. Also choose a couple of things you felt could have added value but due to constraints your boss was not able to let you do that.

My previous boss would say "Where is Scott, is he coming in today?"

What do you enjoy doing outside of work.

1 Answer

Business Case (Sent a day in advance): Please take the data set provided (lots of binary variables) and provide us some analysis on why this foreign based company is having issues with consumer retention

1 Answer

How would I complete certain variable reassignment tasks using SAS, but this was a very specific technical type question which was not the only consideration in the interview process.

1 Answer

Case: Quantitative and Qualitative questions about a new software and entering the market.

1 Answer

There are three boxes. One is labeled apples, another oranges, and the third apples & oranges. Each box is mislabeled. You are allowed to reach into one of the boxes only and pull a fruit. How do you determine what the proper labels should be?

1 Answer

10 coin machines, one of them is distributing special coins of a different theoretical weight relative to the other 9 machines. You have a scale and can only perform one weighing. How do you find out which machine is spitting out the special coins?

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During the interview, they wanted me to describe how I woul strategize certain website goals.However, they didn't know what they wanted and they didn't have a strategy. The interview was not structured and not behavior based. It was more like a brainstorming session with the department supervisor doing all the talking.

1 Answer

If you are performing data collection for user requirements feedback on a project, what is your approach for prioritization?

1 Answer

How would you rate your power point skills?

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