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Hartford HealthCare
Anesthesia Tech was asked...April 7, 2015

Can you give me about example of when you worked in a team?

2 Answers

I was given a interview date of June 13 2015 at 130pm for the foodservice position I don't have the phone number Less

I am so sorry my name is Monique greene

Oconee Regional Health Systems

salary requirements and education? any problems with working long hours.

1 Answers

answered then all to the best of my abilities.

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

How well do I work with others

1 Answers

I'm a team player, I go above and beyond my job. I will stay over when short staff. Less

Baylor Scott & White Health

We've all made mistakes. Tell me about a time you made a mistake on the job and what you did to resolve it.

1 Answers

I told her about the time I cut open a zebrafish that hadn't actually died despite leaving it in the anesthetizing fluid for the proper amount of time, and the fact its gills had long been still. It began bleeding all over the sylgard and twitching, and my supervisor told me I couldn't put it back in the fluid and risk contaminating it. I wanted to put the fish out of its misery as quickly as possible while preserving the body for dissection, so I clipped its spinal cord and rinsed it off with NZR solution. Less

Hendrick Health

If I was up to the challenge of constant interaction with the other team members and Drs.

1 Answers

That I felt it would be very interesting and fulfilling working in a active and constantly changing environment Less

BJC HealthCare

What was one time I helped when it wasn't required of me?

1 Answers

I work in the operating room so a lot of heavy equipment is pushed around by people who aren't the strongest so I help whenever I have the time. Less

Hartford HealthCare

why are you leaving your last position?

Baylor Scott & White Health

Tell me about a time when you had a difficult situation to handle at work with little guidance.

Northside Hospital

What type of anesthesia machine do you have at your location?

Hartford HealthCare

can you explain gaps in your employment?

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