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Animal Care Assistant was asked...February 10, 2020

what makes you good for this role

1 Answers

why did you choose here

Pets at Home

Why do you want to work here

1 Answers

I would like to work here because i am a good team mate and caring

Wood Green

The 5 needs Tell us a time where you handled a stressful situation

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Australia

What is a problem you have overcome in your workplace?


Why do you want to work for us where do you think you will be in five years time


What do you want to do in the future?


What are 5 dog diseases

Arizona Animal Wellness Center

What made you apply for this position?


The sit-down interview with the HR Manager and TA/DA Manager includes a majority of questions that relate to actual events that have happened at DoveLewis as confirmed after the interview. The questions are insightful of the work environment at DoveLewis. They mainly want to know how you would handle or respond to specific scenarios: 1. There is a spill on the ER floor, a stat triage in the parking lot, and a scheduled exam. (How do you prioritize?) 2. A surgeon yells at you for having the wrong tools setup, but your co-worker had made the error. (How do you respond/What do you do?) 3. There are two technicians that are constantly arguing on the floor and it is affecting your work and others. (How do you handle this?) 4. A puppy with parvovirus is admitted into the ER and has to be put to sleep because the owners are unable to afford treatment. (How do you respond/react?) 5. A client asks you why their prescription is a different color than the same medication they had filled in the past. (What do you say?) The working interview lasted four hours. You will assist with real needs on the floor, including animal restraint and running lab work. Like the actual training environment, the working interview utilizes a non-standard training method. There are instances where they will set you up to fail in order to demonstrate a point. Example: while you are assisting with an animal restraint, they will have someone approach you or call your attention to attract your gaze, saying something like, “(your name), look at this.../did you see this...?" When you innately look up, you will be disciplined for taking your eye off the patient. Perhaps it is effective for assessing the candidate's level of experience and ease of adaption to the emergency environment. There are other means to accomplish this without chiding a candidate in a fabricated scenario. I walked away pleased with the sit-down interview and confused about the working interview.


What would you do if a dog was bored

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