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How my previous work experience prepared me for the position I was interviewing.

7 Answers

I gave a detailed explanation of my previous work experience in areas that I felt were relevant to the position I was applying.

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"Could you tween these key frames?" As part of the animation test, I was asked to ink several pencil drawings, and animate a small stack of key frames. I hadn't expected to be asked that, and didn't have the equipment at home so I had to improvise with a light table and make shift peg bar.

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Do you play Call of Duty?

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What is your experience in animation?

1 Answer

Where was your formal design training from?

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Personal information, previous job experience. Documents.

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do you know Maya? Do you know 3dsMax? would you be willing to take X for compensation. May you start monday?

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what are my areas of expertise?

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What is your biggest strength and weakness. How do you overcome your weaknesses.

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Q: How long have you had experience as an animator?

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