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On personality test - would you ever hit anyone if you got mad at them at work?

5 Answers

Are they retarded? Who would say yes? I thought this was a prison release interview.

If anyone hit at work and yes I will mad that I don’t like why reason then I can tell supervisor or HR office. I always manner respectful to work.

I never drugs at work/home before walking in starting work

The questions pertained to ones personal experiences, so there arent any "stock" interview questions to prepare for, with the exception off maybe one or two typical interview questions , such as " what have you been doing since your last job?"

1 Answer

Please walk us through your demo reel.

1 Answer

They asked if I would be comfortable for the company. I was also asked if I was familiar with choosing color schemes for web menus.

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Are you married? Do you have any kids? Who does your spouse work for? What does your spouse do there? No kidding.

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Why Nickelodeon?

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They ask you about which game do you like? and have you played our game? which part do you like? have you implementation animation into game engine? Do you like solving technical difficulties? Are you willing to relocate?

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Can you work legally?

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How would you create an effect of falling leaves ?

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"Could you tween these key frames?" As part of the animation test, I was asked to ink several pencil drawings, and animate a small stack of key frames. I hadn't expected to be asked that, and didn't have the equipment at home so I had to improvise with a light table and make shift peg bar.

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