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When can you start

3 Answers


ASAP if not currently employed. 2 weeks after confirmation of hire if you're currently employed. I'm sure your potential employer will feel better knowing that you wont just up and leave without tying up your loose ends with your previous employer. It shows respect as well as loyalty.

Any time

if you saw a employee make a mistake what would you do?

2 Answers

I was asked to create a skit based on the menu with one other potential associate.

1 Answer

Lots of behavioral questions such as a name a time you didn't get your way or how you influenced others to get your way

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What kind of things do you do to help protect or restore they environment?

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They asked me if I knew what a magnetic tape drive

1 Answer

How did you resolve a conflict with co worker.

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What would you do if am employee was leaving an assembly line because he was bored?

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Don't let the physical lifting requirements scare you! For any weights you consider too heavy, there is the option of asking for help. They don't really ask unexpected questions but always ask 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years' .

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