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if you saw a employee make a mistake what would you do?

2 Answers

I would ask him to report his mistake or else i would.

It depends on the mistake. Sometimes it can be good to let someone make a mistake. People learn better from mistakes. If I can safely let the person make the mistake and the reward of knowledge is much greater than the risk, I'll let them make it. Otherwise, a quick correction is usually all it takes.

When can you start

4 Answers

stability of the company,future of deserving employee ,family protection program.

1 Answer

in case of accident during working hour give support,SSS,gs is insurance,service mobility privileges

1 Answer

Qualifications questioned alot

1 Answer

what do i have to offer them

1 Answer

what would my previous boss say about me?

1 Answer

how did you handle a customer complaint on a previos job?

1 Answer

why do you want to work here?

1 Answer
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