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Apple at home advisor chat team Interview Questions


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"I'd like to play music from my Apply TV for a dinner party tonight but I can't get anything to play"

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They really want to see you empathize and connect with the customer's problem. Pick up on the clues like the "dinner party" and respond accordingly. The other questions also included specific scenarios like "I'm in a beach and my phone isn't working." Just be attentive to what they're asking you and show empathy, personally connect, and above all be positive. If you don't know the specific steps or how to solve the issue please don't say that. Just keep going even if you start repeating yourself.

I think that's a ridiculous answer. Just keep repeating yourself?!? Customers want issues solved, not sympathy. Well maybe a little, as long as its not insincere.

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

"Describe a time where you had a respond to constructive criticism from a manager"

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