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What's more important, fixing the customer's problem or creating a good customer experience?

8 Answers

creating a good customer experience bc to me in a good experience you satisfy all the customers needs and beyond and that include solving whatever issues may be occurring at the time.

its neither. I would spend the time to perfect the product before it is released. I'd perfect it to the degree that there is no need for customer service nor fixing customer's problems.

One must remember the position being applied for to determine the correct answer. As an at home advisor, the customer is calling because they have a problem. Therefore by solving the customers problem in a professional and friendly manner, this leads to a great customer experience.

What would you say to a customer that had a problem with their iPad that they had just received for Mother's Day?

7 Answers

Roll Play: I'm at a coffee shop with a study group from school. My professor sent me an email with an audio file for us to listen to and discuss. However, when I open the file, I have no sound. It looks like it's playing, but I don't hear anything.

6 Answers

The interviewer pretended to be a customer and said: My data is lost, my device is broken and doesn't light up, I can't access my email... etc. What would you do if every possible solution you offered to the customer has failed?

4 Answers

How would you deal with a customer that was upset and what was the outcome?

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Role play: I can't make calls or send texts on my phone after leaving the Apple Store.

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How would you deal with a customer who got an apple product for mother's day but doesn't know how to work it?

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Role playing scenario: What would you tell a customer who presented with the following problem? "I just walked into the terminal in Atlanta after spending an hour sitting on the tarmac! I have to get to a meeting and my iPhone won't work and i need to send an email to my boss! Can you help me?"

3 Answers

I was given a roll play question about being on the beach after wedding and iphone might have gotten wet

3 Answers

I just graduated college and received and Ipad for a gift. Can you help me set it up?

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