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How would you handle an irate customer.

2 Answers

Empathize and listen

Ask them, specifically, what you can do for them while clearly stating what your are capable/qualified to do. Sometimes it pays to let them in on your thinking process, so they feel more like a participant than a customer.

There is no sound coming out of the speakers. How do you troubleshoot the issue.

4 Answers

What did you like about the video?

2 Answers

What was the most stressful work experience you've had.

1 Answer

Have any questions for us?

1 Answer

What's something difficult you had to face and how did you overcome it?

1 Answer

They were non-technical and were looking for personality traits.

What is your education status? Define "you". During the group interview, we were given retail situations we had to relate to in our daily lives, for example "If a friends computer broke down, what would be your course of action?"

What is an example of a time you exceeded a customers expectations?

Describe in your previous job a highly stressful situation.

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