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Apple Interviews /  HQ: Cupertino, CA

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Apple Vacations Interviews /  HQ: Newtown Square

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Apple Interview Questions

Tell me about one job experience you have.

What do I enjoy doing as a hobby?

1 Answer

-How would you estimate the number of tires sold in the U.S. annually? -How would you plan the materials program for the next iPhone launch? -What makes you different than other candidates? -Why Apple?

Most of the questions related to my prior employment, why I was interested in the position, and the expectations of the position I was applying for. The questions were not intended to derive yes or no answers, and the entire session was more a conversation opener intended to get to know me better.

1 Answer

What experience did I have that would relate to the position I am applying for?

1 Answer

What Linux commands do you know?

1 Answer

Walk me through your logic for forecasting of a new item.

What's your most impressive story resolving a problem with a client?

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