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Applecare At Home Advisor Interview Questions


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Explain to a non-technical customer the difference between RAM and Hard Drive.

3 Answers

RAM is how your computer can run programs, while a hard drive let's you store your files.

RAM is temporary storage used to store data of recent processes on a solid state media to allow the process faster access to this data. HDD storage is a permanent read/write data storage where all of the programs you have installed on your machine lie.

Imagine a class room and your file cabinet is the hard drive storage and the chalkboard is your RAM storage . Clearing your RAM allows for improved efficiency while the file cabinet holds the files safely

Q. Can you describe what the cloud is?

1 Answer

How do you quickly build a customer's confidence in your ability to resolve their issue?

2 Answers

I'm on my honeymoon at the beach in Hawaii and I had my iPhone in my gym bag while I was swimming and it seems like my water bottle spilled in the bag, what do I do? All my wedding photos are on my phone! Am I going to lose all my pictures?

1 Answer

Difference between a POP and IMAP mail server.

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How would you reassure a customer when they are upset about a nonworking device?

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How would you help someone set up there iPod if they were angry and impatient.

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What are the specs of your custom built computer?

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When is one time school and work interfered with each other?

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Should I put an SSD in my MacBook Pro?

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