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Applecare At Home Advisor Interview Questions


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Explain to a non-technical customer the difference between RAM and Hard Drive.

3 Answers

RAM is how your computer can run programs, while a hard drive let's you store your files.

RAM is temporary storage used to store data of recent processes on a solid state media to allow the process faster access to this data. HDD storage is a permanent read/write data storage where all of the programs you have installed on your machine lie.

Imagine a class room and your file cabinet is the hard drive storage and the chalkboard is your RAM storage . Clearing your RAM allows for improved efficiency while the file cabinet holds the files safely

I did a system update and all my pictures are gone.

2 Answers

How safe mode you explain safe mode to an ordinary customer?

1 Answer

why you choose apple?

1 Answer

What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answer

If a customer couldn't connect to Wi-Fi, how would you troubleshoot?

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How have you dealt with angry customers?

2 Answers

My iPad isn't playing audio, why can't I hear anything?

2 Answers

I opened an audio clip on my iPad and no sound is playing.

1 Answer

One of the role play scenarios: She locked herself out of her car. She's back in now, but can't get her bluetooth to work.

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