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Wellmont Health System
Clinical Applications Analyst II was asked...September 11, 2011

What is one of your weaknesses?

1 Answers

I didn't get any unexpected questions that I remember.


What do you consider yourself an expert in?

1 Answers

I talked about a specific technique I felt highly qualified in using and tried to explain how various aspects of the overall technique applied to other related techniques. Less

General Mills

Can you explain the box model?

1 Answers

Drew a stellar drawing on the white board of the box model.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Q: General about me Q: Can you solve this problem. Data problem.

1 Answers

Answered all. Answered 'I don't know' honestly to two questions.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Do you know how to write a SQL select statement?

1 Answers

Yes (without asking me to show them this)

The Toro Company

"Please provide 3 times you would be available over the next 3 business days for a 20-30 minute phone interview". Followed by being completely ignored (I described "Interview Difficulty" as "Difficult", because it is difficult to interview when they ask you for an interview time and then do not follow up when you give it the same day).

1 Answers

I responded the same day, only to have the "Talent Acquisition Consultant" from Toro completely ignore my emails. Less


Give you a random product and ask how can ansys help in improving their product?

1 Answers

Explained the general default analysis which can be performed on the product and how ansys can help in the analysis. Less

Arrow Electronics

General Oracle technical questions

1 Answers

You can answer this questions with experience

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Giving experimental scenarios and asking what went wrong, and how to resolve.

1 Answers

You need to have hands on experience to answer these questions. 95% of team comprises of PhD or Post-Doc Scientists. Less

Trinity Health

General questions, They will talk with you and judge your personality. Be careful.

1 Answers

Decent, Just be who you are. No need to impress them.

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