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If a 3x3 white cube is painted blue on its face and then cut into 1x1 cube, what are the chances of picking a cube with a blue side from a bag

5 Answers



From a 3x3x3 Cube you can make 27 1x1x1 cubes, Since one face of the cube is painted blue. once face of 9 1x1 cubes will be blue. hence the answer is 9/27 = 1/3 = 33%

What is a null pointer?

6 Answers

How to discover if the given number is Power of 2 ?

4 Answers

Why are man-holes round?

3 Answers

What is a "matching network" really trying to match?

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All the questions can be found in the website.

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Given a sorted sequence of 1 million numbers, write a program to find all pairs of numbers that add to 10.

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My clock is 9 minutes slow every hour. At noon, it tells the correct time. After how many hours will it again tell the correct time?

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(Programming Language Test) When casting an object of a polymorphic class from a base class, which kind of cast executes only if it's is valid?

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How do you handle a conflict between coworkers?

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