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Most unexpected question: Describe to me the process and benefits of wearing a seatbelt.

10 Answers

Process: put buckle into socket until it locks. Benefit: your face doesn't become shredded to hell when it goes flying through the windshield in an accident.

Process: take the buckle and securely lock it into place. Benefit: You won't look like the Crypt Keeper if you get into an accident.

Be me. Be in hurry. Driving down road while tuning radio stations and drinking coffee at same time Seat belt alarm keeps ringing Try to buckle seat belt while also texting on phone and combing hair Sneeze really hard into steering wheel Try to wipe spit and snot off steering wheel while buckling seat belt and replying to multiple texts on cell phone Car crashes into next door neighbor's mailbox Call off work and go home

Is there any thing that you'd like to share with me that you couldn't share with the Product Application Specialist Supervisors? All of the questions asked were behavioral questions and a few walk me through your resume questions.

3 Answers

Why are you no longer employed with....?

1 Answer

I might have forgotten details, but I was asked how to setup stack tracing in asp.

1 Answer

How well do you work in teams?

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I was asked to explain the difference between Insufficient Authentication and Insufficient Authorization. In the process, I managed to confuse the person asking the question by giving obscure examples.

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Do you agree with the change management process?

1 Answer

Would you move to Monroe, Louisiana

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