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Just general experience/background/qualification questions. Questions from HR were very by-the-book, asking if I was okay with business casual clothing every day, if I'm okay with their nonsmoking policy, if I'm okay working full-time five days a week, if I'm okay getting to their Raleigh location on my own, etc.

Difference between final, finally and finalized in java?

No questions were extremely difficult. The questions covered an overview of : Linear Algebra, Matrices, DSP, MATLAB, C++/Java. It is important that one knows the basics. Sample Questions: * DSP: - What is aliasing? Cite an example. - Solve an ODE - Questions on filters

None too difficult - but need to be strong in concepts

What 2 characteristics are needed to fully describe a linear function/system

Behavioral Questions: 1) Questions on your resume. (Make sure you know each and every stuff on your resume well- They are very smart to read your mind) 2) Why do you want to join Qualcomm? (Be passionate about it. Do some research and go).

1) What is the difference between Semaphores and Mutexes? 2) What is the difference between a TLB and MMU? 3) Find a loop in a linked list. 4) Some algorithmic question based on Binary Search.

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