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How would you add federated data sources to an existing database when the data schemas do not match, network and data source latency are unknown and meet your n second maximum response time requirement?

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Sell side reporting questions, Market making and high level functional / technical questions (like FIX Tags, SQL which I answered correctly)

Cannot disclose. Skillset evaluation was specific to the Client requirement......... . .. ........... ........... .......... . ... . ... ... .. .. ..

Multicycle constraint, ECSM, CCS, BFS, DFS, constraints, DRV, setup, hold, late, early, CPRR, pulse latches, SOCV, POCV, ILM, ETM, spice correlation

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Programming exercise was good- you had 1:15 hr in XCode to write a simple iOS application with data persistence, implement a shake motion gesture, localize it into french and spanish, and ensure the UI resized correctly. Then you had to write the test cases for your app. All told if you knew what you were doing you should have the basics done in under an hour. From there you can spend the rest of your time making the UI pretty.

X = 1. Y = 2. Switch the value between these variables without using another variable.

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How do you promote code to production using udeploy

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Write a method to reverse a linked list.

How many barbers are in the United States.