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You know your tool doesn't support the features customer is asking for. How do you approach your customer and how are you going to solve his problem? And last but not least, What precautions do you take to keep the business relationship alive.

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Explain about your recent production support experience? What was the issue and how did you fix it. Walk me through the code level change you made.

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Write a function that accepts an array of integer and an integer. Return true if any two of the values in the array add up to the integer, else return false. Optimize the function. Describe the runtimes.

Given two tables (customers and orders), write a SQL query to return all customers that have not placed orders.

In the language of your choosing, write a function to reverse a string (without using any built in helper functions.)

I was mostly asked about process and procedural questions. A lot of basic APEX and VF questions.

Explain in detail your activities and initiatives towards team building?

What do you want to do here?

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Technical questions on IC design and verification, scripting Questions on resume and experience General questions on why are you interested in the role and company

How much are you making currently?

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