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Tell us how you solved a business process with your knowledge of the application?

Difference between table truncate and delete. Difference between clustered and non-clustered index. Difference between abstract class versus interface. How would you handle a 1/2 million record import file in the wrong format that has to be processed in 4 hours? If a manager dropped a one line requirement on your desk for a project and said you had one year what would your approach be? If you have 4 equally capable employees on the team and are informed you have to release two of them what would your approach be?

You are a product manager for the yellow pages. How would you estimate the market size for a Groupon clone, if your company were to create such a service?

What is your experience with Higher Education and utilizing multiple applications?

Mainly about my resume and what I knew about the role.

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tell us about your experience

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Create a Pivot table and graph in Excel. Most unexpected. Never had to sit down at a laptop for an interview and perform such a mundane task. No questions about Project Management.