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What was the hardest part about running a free-lance web development business?

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My answer: The customers. The coding is easy enough, but dealing with people who don't know anything about development processes takes a special tact.

There wasn't really much in the way of difficult or unexpected questions. It was what I would expect for the nature of the job and the skill level sought. I was asked if I am the type of person to follow what others say when it comes to projects or do I take charge and/or question the group leader or do I follow blindly.

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Define Polymorphism

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Describe a a situation where a team member was not performing to standards and how you handled it.

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How would you make a query that linked multiple tables?

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What must be included in a set of JAVA code to enable it to be run?

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Explain a time when your project work didn't go as planned, and explain how you got through the difficulties.

Explain how you would do X with Y programming language.

What is the difference between the following types of joins: left, inner, outer, right?