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What is a null pointer?

6 Answers

A pointer that points to nowhere or an empty location.

I guess what the interview want to hear is that "do not forget to release the memory the pointer pointed to before set it to null"

Once the memory is release using the delete command, the pointer is pointing to null. Now if we try to delete it again, the heap will be corrupt.

All the questions can be found in the website.

3 Answers

Why are man-holes round?

3 Answers

How do you handle a conflict between coworkers?

2 Answers

What is function handle?

3 Answers

What is an overdamped second order system?

2 Answers

what is rise time? transient time?

2 Answers

What is damping factor?

2 Answers

I can't remember, but some C programming questions were difficult. please brush up your C theoretically

1 Answer

In depth questions of 3 language of your choice. I chose java c and cpp. Yes, the questions were a bit tricky. I wouldn't say tough, but tricky enough for them to reject you. You need to be prepared with the basics. make sure you are comfortable with concepts like operator overloading, pointers, string manipulation, inheritance and polymorphism. At the end there is always a question of maths. May be probability of something to do with matrices. I was asked a probability question but got it wrong although the interviewer doesn't give you feedback about it. Suggestion: It will be helpful to say what you are thinking rather than incorporating an awkward silence and since the interviewer gives you no feedback, it is a good practice to let your thoughts arrive at the the said answer rather than blurting out the answer after calculating it mentally!

1 Answer
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