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Have you heard of the firm Smith + Gill?

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Would you be able to start on Monday?

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What do you think you've learned in graduate school? Why did you become an architect? Did you argue with your previous supervisors when you disagreed with them?

What software do you use frequently in your projects? Why did you choose to work in Pittsburgh?

There weren't any unexpected questions; seemed to simply be an evaluation of verbal skills and drafting capability

What do I want to focus on professionally within the office?

Interview questions were nothing out of the ordinary, although afterwards they have you sit at a table and fill out an application form, which I found a bit strange for a professional salaried position. You have to complete work and educational history with addresses and dates, phone numbers, previous salary etc - not the sort of details you generally have on hand at an interview.

No questions were unexpected. Less time was spent reviewing my portfolio than I anticipated.

What my expectations are in the next 5 years of my career.

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The. questions primarily revolved around my past experiences and systems I had built.

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