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A function generates uniform random numbers? how will you use it to print all the elements of the array randomly?

2 Answers

So that can be implemented by making the size of the random number generation equal to the size of the array and then print all the numbers at the indexes generated by the function. Is this right?

List list = new ArrayList(); for(int i = 1; i <= 100; i++) list.add(i); Collections.shuffle(list);

So how long have you been in the city? ... Just no luck yet?

1 Answer

What is your greatest weakness?

2 Answers

None. It was about showing competency via past work, examples.

Some of the questions: What do you ultimately want to do in your architectural practice? Why SmithGroup? etc.

Very typical questions, explain through your portfolio, show some previous work, why do you want to work with us, what's your previous experience, etc.

What do you bring to the culture of the office and what do you expect of the office culture?

How do you see yourself valued in an Architecture firm such as this?

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