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What kind of work you prefer doing, technical or design?

General skills questions; questions regarding interest in the firm.

All standard interview questions except two comments in particular rose a red flag: (1) "We are not a hire and fire type of firm, despite what you may have heard". How ironic and hilarious! Its funny that this would even have to be mentioned, and the fact that it actually was just goes to show that you should steer clear. (2) "This is a very low level position with limited responsibilities, the hours will be tough, and you shouldn't expect any career advancement anytime soon". Unbelievable. So after the first few minutes I had absolutely no intent of ever working for SOM but at least I can say I gave them a chance right?

In which areas could you provide the most valuable input? With your present background, what could be your greatest contribution from day one to the firm? After discussing a little bit about the organization of the team's work, I was asked about where I would feel more comfortable and with greatest empathy

Typical questions. School. What project is this. What was your role. Etc.

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There were no unexpected or uncomfortable questions asked of me.

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