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I was shown 3 examples of "bad" printouts to diagnose, that is diagnose the root cause of why they turned out looking bad.

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There are more than a few reasons (though not a great many) why printouts can look bad though they all basically boil down to low resolution of the graphics files involved. One I knew (trying to print a hires file from Powerpoint: Bad) another one I was pretty much correct on and another I missed. It was a case of printing an InDesign file with the liked graphic files missing. I missed this completely because it's just not done (printing with missing links) by anyone with even an intermediate level of experience in the industry. When to you attempt to print, after working on the file (possibly for hours) and double checking everything, you are warned by a dialogue box that tells you that links are indeed missing, in the real world you would correct the issue and then print the file not ignore the warning and just go ahead and print anyway.

Why do you want to work at the U of M?

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Do you have references? What is the most important thing for a software tester? What do you think a lead software tester does? Which methodology do you prefer? What tools did you use when testing? How did you perform each test? Where is your school located? What year did you graduate? Show me how to secure a server running (Paper and pen was pushed across the table.) Do you have any questions for us? *Bait and Switch seems to be common for Local and State tech positions (at least for me). Be prepared to answer non related questions if you have additional skills not required for the job. In my case, I was only supposed to do "entry level" functions ( presentations, budget journals, UPK recordings, etc.). However, none of my interview question were related to the job description. In other words, I came in to work as a "project assistant" and interviewed as if I was tester or software engineer.

Tell me about your experience influencing architects and contractors to buy your product.

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