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A healthy way of life is our company's motto, how do you live a healthy way of life?

2 Answers

Seriously? What are you going to say? That you lay around on a couch and eat junk food all day everyday? No one is going to say that. Furthermore, this is just a job and not your entire life - why should they be able to discriminate against you if they don't like your answer to this question? I've heard rumors how they don't like to hire unfit or fat people, so this is a little concerning to me.

Agreed - this question totally bugged me. It felt like they wanted to ask what is my BMI and that would determine if I'd move forward in the interview process. Since it was literally the second question (first being the normal tell me about your resume), it felt way too front and center and set the tone of the whole interview off a bit.

Question dealing with I/O in C++. This does not come up very often in hardware modeling.

1 Answer

what is a Business Information Model

1 Answer

What firewall do you like?

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which division of the company do you want to work for. On surface it seems like a reasonable question, but in the eyes of a recent graduate interviewing for an intern position - i would be lying if I had any basis to give a good answer to that.. and they should know that.

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advanced topics in FFT. like one milllion point FFT.

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The questions were mostly open ended and specific to my SME skills, or consultant skills.

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Why is it so hard to get job

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