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No crazy curve ball questions..... The demo was a good challenge

1 Answer

Spend ample time prepping for the demo!

No other quest. was difficult -- just an overall disappointment for taking my time up and to have my back kicked in before I was even working there.

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Nothing was difficult, except for the manager telling me that 2 of his employees said, that I had critized him, in saying he did not know how to run a business.

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Naturally about how you would handle/overcome/compete with a big company like Allergan being a small private company... less resources... less voice... less and less.

Q: (gave info on a product, then allowed 5-10 min to study it) How would you present this product to a potential buyer?

What were you like as a child? What was your fav subject in elementary school? Who was your fav teacher in elementary school? What did you like about him/her? What activities were you involved in at high school? Why did you choose the positions and career path that you chose?

What brings you excitement about your position?

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They asked the standard battery of situational behavior outcome format questions.

1 Answer

Tell me a time when you had to overcome a difficult selling situation...

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