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There was no one specific question asked. The person interviewing you can be either the Marketing Company President, or the Executive Assistant. For the most part neither one of these individuals truly understands the position of being an Area Field Manager. All they have to refer to is the job description that is a company management bulletin.

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The over all job description does not address the extra work,time, hours, and reports that can be placed upon you by your supervisor. Local supervisor are often left unchecked by their superiors so the quality of your work can suffer. When you attempt to address this with your supervisor or their supervisor they often times become angry,and pass the blame back on you. Area Field Manager's post where they will be each day, such as auditing a dealer (which can take up to two or three days) training new dealer's, prospecting, and field repair. Regardless of how your week looks, or where you will be during that week. The Marketing Company can decide to send you another city (often times 200 plus away) to pull trailers,and towing, or the local UHaul center needs a new hire certified by you asap which has to be done in a certain time frame so that the center does not pay over time for that employee. Company policy states "To plan your work, and work your plan", but the policy is never enforced by the Marketing Company President. Company policy states "Never run any special errands or favors for the dealer's, the center, or your marketing company" but again it happens on a daily basis.

A reimbursement scenario which was difficult for you or where you were not able to get reimbursement.

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How did you demonstrate......( name a good work trait in the past jobs you held)

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How would you handle an older-age employee that questions or challenges your actions.

And I feel about prospecting

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