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You have have 2 Delivery guys and 3 orders in different route. executive need to pick orders from different hotel but only one at a time. how do you manage the time so that orders are delivered in minimum time

6 Answers

pickup time drop time and cooking time needs to be considered who needs to be delivered first.


2 delivery guys are delivered two orders and managing the 2 guys 3 orders

Why would you like to work for Amazon

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One manager asked me what “risk assessment” was because she really did not know.

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Why are you wanting this position?

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Tell me about a time when....

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Give us a 90 day growth strategy for OC/LB/SD markets

1 Answer

Sight one innovative or creative thing you did

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Why have you worked for so many companies in the last ten years?

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Name a time when you saved your company money. and how you were able to do this? and how i could come up with one of the ways in which i was able to do this for my company.

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What are your values?

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