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Why integration? Why integration NOW?

1 Answer

The confluence of: - The rise of CX in SaaS models - the shortage of IT talent - the need to marry legacy and cloud systems and data - the business pressure to launch services faster and better

Why do I know about Salesforce and why do I want to join the Salesforce team?

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Asked about past process improvement initiatives.

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Describe a scenario where you had to overcome a barrier with a physician because he/she was not an advocate for hospice.

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Describe your management style with your direct reports Give us an example of a difficult task to handle and how you chose to resolve it What were the steps taken to correct the situation and was the outcome a success How do you handle your average performers to encourage them to meet higher expectations What drives you to be successful and how do you use that to better your team

Describe the biggest challenge you've faced in your career...

How would you train and motivate a relatively young and inexperienced inside sales team?

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