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They asked for: "5 acts that you’d like to sign and why" (1 page business plan on every artist mapping out how you would develop them in the next 1-2 years), a 360* marketing campaign for a forthcoming single, and "a new marketing vertical, tool or idea that we would benefit from", totaling over 15 pages of full useable data & research. I understand wanting your perspective hires to prove their knowledge, but the extent and depth to which they wanted me to work felt MUCH more like they were taking advantage of my background and knowledge rather than getting to know me and my ability. It was an absurd workload for any interview, and for reference: I've interviewed at a range of establishments all the way up to Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies. Never before have I been asked this large of a workload, especially without compensation. It felt very unprofessional and a violation of my value proposition and level of experienec.

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After the first 1 hour interview, I declined to continue with the process; their assignment clearly advantageous for them. Additionally, they couldn't match my current salary and could only offer 20% below it without benefits or PTO, and zero equity package. I was told their domestic hires are contract, which was not stated up front or in the job description.

All questions were fairly standard for an interview asking about previous experience and how I intend to move the role forward

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