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Piston Automotive
Assembly Line Worker was asked...June 14, 2017

Why do you want to work for piston? What do you do outside of work? Are you a critical thinker? Name a situation where you had to use your critical thinking skills?

4 Answers

i just moved and need a job

job-work on cars


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Hytrol Conveyor

Explain a time you been stress out

3 Answers

As honest as possible

Getting my children through high school.

Trying to find employment at age 54

Ford Motor Company

why you want to work for ford

3 Answers

Better opportunities

the money

to work for a company with a great reputation, solid history and can be proud of and can offer opportunities for advancement and eventually retire from. I mean its FORD, who does'nt want to work for Ford Motor Company Less

Mac Valves

Questions such as; Have you used a drill before? What type of work have you done in the past? Any type of question! Like tell us about yourself, why should you work with us? Can you work 10hrs a day? Do you have kids? Type of questions

2 Answers

Hello I am very interested in working at your company I do have experience in this kind of work and I worked at General motor for many years but I had to retire due to the closing of General Motor I retired 1/1/2000 being a loyal service for 30 long years at a early age in my life and I feel real good in my body to work again and work very hard. Thank you. Less

I answer with a smile looking around the room to make eye contact with everyone! Just be yourself! Less

The Staffing Alliance

Could you work the 10 hours a day.

2 Answers

I said yes I could


Whirlpool Corporation

Are you a high school graduate

2 Answers

I answered yes

yes, i am a B.E Engineer

South Georgia Pecan Company

Will you be able to work overnight 12 hour shifts

2 Answers



General Motors (GM)

How would you deal with a team member struggling on the line and delaying everyone?

2 Answers

Was your phone interview After or before the simulation test? Please answer

I would rotate jobs with the team member so that he or she is on a job that they're more comfortable with. Less

General Motors (GM)

If someone on my line was moving slow and needed help what would I do

2 Answers

They only go back a few years

I was wondering if GM does country wide background checks or just state. I want to give a friend a referral but if she can't get the job because of a felony in another state. Then I'd rather not waste my time or referral. Less

Ford Motor Company

No questions, no interview

2 Answers


Don’t lie on your background check just be honest

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