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Assembly Technician was asked...January 29, 2018

There wasn't anything unexpected or difficult

2 Answers


You are very lucky. Keep looking.


They asked how I would handle dealing with a difficult person and what I would do about it.

2 Answers

i didnt mean to vote down on that... i was trying to view next sorry

I told them I would listen to the person who was having a problem and help them in any way I could. Less


Are you mechanically inclined?

2 Answers

Yes, love working with my hands. I do wood projects constantly at my home.

Have you assembled merchandise with another company?

Husky Injection Molding Systems

How do you handle interpersonal communication conflicts in the workplace?

2 Answers

First of all we find out the reason of conflict.Then finding solution.

Try to work it out with those involved. If not successful, follow the proper chain of command to ensure productive and positive workplace. Less

Husky Injection Molding Systems

What do you have to bring to husky?

2 Answers

My knowledge , Quality and my smartness

My knowledge , Quality and my smartness

Hamilton Group

What kind of tools do I have experience with?

2 Answers

All hand tools and most power tools. My dad owns a construction company and I worked for him off and on. Less

If your parents own a company, why would you not be working for that company? You could potentially be the owner off the company in the future? Less


Can I disassemble and reassemble a transmission back into working order.

1 Answers

I don't have an answer but I do have an interview tomorrow morning.....thanks, I know what I'm up against.......and I've been in the aerospace manufacturing industry for 20 years..... Less

bp pulse

What did i know about Bp Pulse

1 Answers

I Said that it owned and opperated the biggest network of electronic chargers in the UK Less

Hire Dynamics

What would I consider to be my strength

1 Answers

Goal oriented. Hard worker. Great personality. Team player.

Darwin Chambers

I was asked about my work history and how much experience I'd had working with power tools.

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