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The Sheffield College
Training and Assessment Facilitator was asked...October 31, 2019

How would you motivate young people?

3 Answers

Build rapport, made sure they understand why you are asking them to do what you are asking them to do, link to work. Less

Build a good relationship between them, then makes the future more clearly, and displays the possible ways that are offered to them. Be focus on helping them to choose the correct way Less

Young people are motivated to participate in sport for a variety of reasons. These include ego, pride, fear of failure, the challenge of competition, a desire and determination to succeed, the feeling of achievement from perfecting a skill and acknowledgement from peers, coaches and family. Research has shown that young people highly value the intrinsic rewards gained from participating in sport. Rewards such as the of learning a new skill, or merely being involved in sport with their friends, mean more for young athletes than the extrinsic rewards of receiving trophies or prizes. Less


Questions were mostly based out off the kills and competencies of the job requirements.

2 Answers

What did they ask in the written test?

Can you tell me about the nature of the assignment?


What are the 4Cs of Credit

2 Answers

Character, Collateral, Capacity, Capital

7c's charchter capacity capital collateral condition commitment cash flow


On what basis a home loan is approved

2 Answers

Basis of assets

On basis of assets


During telephonic conversation... Asked to tell me about yourself

2 Answers

May I know what was the topics that might be asked in GD?

I have shared my work experience rather than personal information


(1) Business case question has many different variables. (2) Also was asked about "career aspirations" which is odd because when asked it was clear this role has no career path within BP.

1 Answers

Need to think broadly about all the different cost possibilities as well as ways to increase revenue Less

List the various methodologies in Security testing

1 Answers

Black Box, Wright Box &Gray Box

Veris Group

They asked about control groups and which control groups I found to be the most difficult. This is something you should be prepared to discuss. They also will discuss the writing exercise.

1 Answers

I selected two control groups and discussed it in a FedRAMP framework. You can adjust your control groups and security framework, but you should be real for this as it will come up. Less

City of Somers Point, New Jersey, Somers Pt. Fir

what are your faults

1 Answers

being selfless

CoCubes Technologies

I was interviewed at CoCubes Technologies Gurgaon, Haryana on 4th April 2018. The inital round was good and it was taken by some well educated person but after that it was purely 2 hours of hell for me. The person who took the second round was highly unprofessional. Literally i haven’t been asked such rubbish questions in any of the interview i have appeared for. His questions were do you have a girlfriend, do you drink, how much can you drink, why don’t you have a girlfriend, how many friends do you have, did you have any crush, why weren’t you able to get your crush , why didn’t you try to get rid of your crush’s boyfriend. I mean just what the heck. Are these the kind of questions a person should ask in an interview? That person wasn’t interested in asking me anything related to my education or skills. His attitude was literally offensive. You are an employee of a renowned company so kindly learn to behave professionally and don’t ruin the company’s name. The interviewer kept me seated there for more than two hours and tortured me with these stupid questions all that time. I am really upset with this kind of behaviour from a senior person of CoCubes Technologies. Your company should pay attention on what your employees are doing and asking in the name of interview. Work culture is the worst here along with the pay scale. The don’t provide any cab facility or travel allowances nor there are any fixed work timings. Even saturday sunday are not off here and you’ll be asked to work in a 24*7 work culture with high pressure and constant fear of being fired by the higher officials.

1 Answers

What kind of questions present in CAST?

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