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Calculate the following: Net Sale Proceeds at year 5, leveraged IRR, IRR, average debt service coverage ratio over the 5 year holding period. Create a two variable table showing the different transaction IRRs if the project is acquired and sold at various cap rates...

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Also, what other factors would you consider? and based on forgoing would you invest in this deal?

He asked if I had experience wiht HP Asset Management.

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Modeling Question: Canyon is being presented the opportunity to acquire a 247,000 SF industrial building in LA leased to a single tenant that occupies 85% of the 235,000 SF rentable space. Rents are projected to be $0.75 NNN per sf per month in the first year of investment. The tenant signed a 20Yr lease 3 years ago and is paying $0.60 per sf per month. Lease payments are held constant for the first five years of the lease then increase to market rate then increase at 3% per annum. No CAPEX required. Canyon will acquire the property at an 8% cap rate to today's in place NOI. Canyon will also pay a 2% broker fee and $250K in closing cost. Holding the property for 5 years and sell at the end of the 5th year at a 9% cap rate on forward year NOI. Assume Canyon must pay 3% closing costs on the sale. Leveraging for 70% of the total transaction costs at a 7% fixed interest rate over 30 years. 1) Create a sources and uses for the transaction?

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How would you describe the roll you take on in a team setting? Tell about a time when you showed this personality type. Was it a good experience for all parties involved? What did you learn about your leadership roll through that experience. What would you have changed about the experience? Do you think it was a good experience for the other parties involved? Why or why not?

Tell us about a time you participated in a team and there was a conflict.

How you dealt with a difficult situation at your last job.

What is your economic outlook for the next fiscal year?

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