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Behavioral - What did you do during a time of adversity? - Why PNC? - How is PNC different from other banks? Technical - Does PNC prefer rising interest rates or lowering interest rates? - What things do you look for in a company/stock when determining if you will invest in it? - Describe 3 financial statements - Which shows probability best?

Why J.P. Morgan? Why asset management? Tell me about yourself Describe a time you had to stand up for your belief?

What do you think about David Crane's vision for the company?

The first case study is rather difficult. It is comprised of a lot of information. You should know how to invest and how to evaluate fund performance and have a basic sense of market and economy.

Describe a time you had to gather data for a project and how did you go about it?

Does working with a high volume of assets intimidate you?

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What is a cap rate? How do you calculate it? How could you relate a cap rate to a P/E ratio?

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