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Are you comfortable racially profiling people in an attempt to catch people shoplifting? (This is serious! Target in Alexandria, Hybla Valley, and Falls Church, VA all engage in this, especially against African-Americans.)

1 Answer

I answered that I would not racially profile, but that I would watch all customers to see if they were stealing.

What's the best method to prevent theft at a retail store?

2 Answers

Why target?

1 Answer

How have you lead in the past or dealt with difficult supervisors or employees

1 Answer

How have you dealt with frustrated customers?

1 Answer

You see an employee or a customer stealing a candy bar. What do you do?

1 Answer

Describe an incident when a guest (customer) strongly disagreed with you and how you resolved the situation?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you held yourself accountable for a mistake that was made?

Basic run of the mill customer service questions. Nothing out of the ordinary if you have any retail or customer service experience what so ever.

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