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Assistant Community Manager was asked...April 22, 2015

With reference to a day's work, what steps do you take to organize and prioritize your tasks?

3 Answers

I would look at the projects at hand rate them on a scale of what needed to be done to reduce any risk or liability issue or safety concern and put a plan in place and proceed. Less

Prepare before and documentation

Thank You


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What programs have you previously worked on? Have you done an eveiction before?

2 Answers

Better yet! 1. Ask how would you handle if your Community Manager was never at work when she is scheduled to be? 2. How would you handle if the Community Manager asked you to say "tell them this...pick a scenario?" knowing it's not true? 3. How would you handle mistreatment/unfair treatment of the resident by the Community Manager? 4. How would you handle if a scheduled event for the residents, doesn't take place because the Community Manager choose to use the funds to give her family members a party? Sorry to inform you this is what's REALLY happening at your properties. SMH!!! Less



Why should I hire you?

1 Answers

I have over 4 years in property management with excellent verfiable results


3 qualités

1 Answers

Curieux, passionné, esprit d’équipe


How would I work on getting delinquency down?

1 Answers

By making calls, knocking on doors and other outlets.

Aspen Square Management

If offered a position, what can we expect that you will bring to our company?

1 Answers

I stated that I have strong leadership skills and am confident in my ability to apply what I’ve learned in previous role to enhance the quality of living for residents at this property and that my immediate goal was to relieve my superior(s) of any additional tasks and assist my team members accordingly. Less


The questions that stood out the most were the, "how do you handle customer complaints?" that question came up a lot in different ways. "What would you do if a customer is being defiant about a problem?" and so on. These come up because not to many people call in but when they do, they are usually upset about a HOA rule or something along those lines.

1 Answers

Be empathetic towards the situation, put yourself in their shoes to really understand why the are upset. It's hard at time but you have to take control of the conversation and let them know the process in which they have to take. Less

Pegasus Residential

To describe the different types of properties I've worked for and how I think it would relate to a position at the property type I was applying for.

1 Answers

I described the similarities and differences I've seen/ handled between different sizes and different kinds of properties, from "A" class conventional to distressed multi-property/level LIHTC. Less


They asked a lot about Marketing so I think that is the main reason why I didn't get the position because I didn't emphasize that I could sell. I get it - you need to make money but again, maybe don't advertise for a Associate Community Manager in that way... ask for a Marketing Manager instead.

1 Answers

I answered as honestly as I could - that I can sell but I am more of the type of person to plan around events, social media, etc. rather than cold-hard selling. Less

CWS Apartment Homes

What I would do to make the community better.

1 Answers

I gave an action plan to maintain a strong collection ideas.

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