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With reference to a day's work, what steps do you take to organize and prioritize your tasks?

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I would look at the projects at hand rate them on a scale of what needed to be done to reduce any risk or liability issue or safety concern and put a plan in place and proceed.

Prepare before and documentation

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What programs have you previously worked on? Have you done an eveiction before?

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To describe the different types of properties I've worked for and how I think it would relate to a position at the property type I was applying for.

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The questions that stood out the most were the, "how do you handle customer complaints?" that question came up a lot in different ways. "What would you do if a customer is being defiant about a problem?" and so on. These come up because not to many people call in but when they do, they are usually upset about a HOA rule or something along those lines.

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If offered a position, what can we expect that you will bring to our company?

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They asked a lot about Marketing so I think that is the main reason why I didn't get the position because I didn't emphasize that I could sell. I get it - you need to make money but again, maybe don't advertise for a Associate Community Manager in that way... ask for a Marketing Manager instead.

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How would I work on getting delinquency down?

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Have you worked with the software system Entrata (property solutions) and if not are you a fast learner and do you have any experience with accounting or reading ledgers and other financial functions? If so, please explain in further detail..

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I'd like to hire you. Would you be interested in doing a "working interview" through a temp agency until we get you processed?

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They inquired about my knowledge of real estate and property management laws

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