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Big question was "How would you relate to someone with a background clearly different than yours and get them to want to come here as a student?"

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I was given a clue that the person might be wearing a T-shirt with something on it, so I made up that it was about love of fishing, and that in that case I would begin the conversation by relating to them in terms of their interest in fishing, and then go from there.

You dodged a bullet.

How I would respond to an applicant who stated they were not interested in attending the campus.

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Experience working in admissions?

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Basic questions like strengths and weaknesses.

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What would you do to save a student who applied and is wanting to cancel?

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The interview itself felt more like a discussion rather than an interview. The hiring manager talked about the culture of the place, what her expectations are for someone in this position, and what it would take to be successful in the position. She also asked me about my responsibilities at my current position and some situational questions.

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How do you manage your time?

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Why are you interested in working in admissions?

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asked "what is my biggest risk if I hire you?" which is difficult being that it is a double negative.

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